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Dreamcatcher & Native American Wisdom Book

Dreamcatcher & Native American Wisdom Book

Indian legend states that a Dreamcatcher assures good and peaceful dreams when hung in your home. Legend has it good dreams, knowing their way through the web slide down the soft feathers to the sleeper. Bad dreams are caught in the web and melt away at first light, leaving the dreamcatcher purified for another night. There are 3 main parts to the Red Willow Dreamcatcher. Red willow, which the Taos Pueblo Indians are known for; turquoise stands for medicine & healing; and the bear represents long life, good luck, power and strength. Made by a Taos Pueblo Native American. Size approximately 6" - $18.00 (not always available)

Native American Wisdom Book
This pocket sized book presents some of Edward S. Curtis's most striking photographs of Native American life from the late 1800's into the early 1900's. Accompanying them are statements of cultural values, beliefs, and attitudes from a number of Native Americans who lived and experienced traditional tribal life in the years between the Civil War and 1930. $4.95

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