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Marty's Snacks for Dogs and Cats

Marty's Snacks for Dogs and Cats

Your Dogs and Kitties will love these amazing treats! My dog Casey goes nuts whenever I pull up in front of their store.

Marty's Meals is a local Santa Fe pet food company that uses fresh, whole ingredients, sourced from ethical ranchers and farmers.
Their jerky treats are from grass fed, 100% pasture raised lamb and bison. Their Munchies are gluten free, hand baked in small batches with 100% Organic ingredients. Jack's Snacks are from lamb and coconut oil.

Now we are offering these great treats to you to send to your favorite pup and kitty.

$35.00 (s/h 11.95) (small jerky, 2 munchies, Jack's snacks)
$55.00 (s/h 14.95) (Large shown, has large Jerky, small jerky, 2 Munchies and Jack's snacks)