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Cherry Stone Pillow

Cherry Stone Pillow

Stay Warm Cherry Stone Thermal Pillow from Spa Essentials. This is one of our best sellers. 100% Natural cherry stones are carefully selected, washed, dried and packed into quality woven 100% cotton pouch. Warms in the microwave or conventional oven for a long lasting, slightly moist penetrating heat. Perfect for easing neck tension, stomach cramps, backache, headache, cold hands and feet. And the natural moisture in the stones gives off a light scent of cherries when hot. Put it in the freezer in a plastic bag for 45 minutes for the perfect cold compress for sprains and bumps. To clean, place in a pillowcase and throw in the washing machine then let air dry. This makes a great gift for everyone, mom's, dad's, grandma and grandpa, kids going off to college, and your weekend athletes. We suggest buying two because you will want to keep one for yourself.

$29.00 Square (s/h 14.95)